Natalie B - Yakima, Washington

"Would be nice to have slides that follow every thing in lecture - a lot of the taping techniques and exercises weren't in the book. We took photos/videos and notes, which is helpful. Overall, happy with the course and the tool discounts. Thank you. "

Mary K - La Crosse, Wisconsin

"Overall the course was well worth it!"

Elizabeth W - MANITOWOC, Wisconsin

"I appreciated learning the combination of tool, tape and exercise."

Linda H - Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Thank you. I learned a lot."

Luis Miguel A - Tallahassee, Florida

"Instructor was very well prepared and provided interesting, relevant material."

Mila C - Burke, Virginia

"Overall experience was great! The instructor made it fun and interacting! Thank you, David Doyle! That was an awesome course! "

Robin W - Vista, California

"Great course. John did a nice job!"

Courtney B - Washington, Virginia

"Great instructor!"

Robert P - Herndon, Virginia

"Enjoyed it a lot. I liked the humor."

Jin-Hyun S - Reston, Virginia

"The course instruction was targeted and purposeful, as well as informative."