Natalie G - San Antonio, Texas

"Really enjoyed this course look forward to taking future courses"

Holly P - Pasadena, California

"Very enjoyable course"

Jennifer S - Vestavia, Alabama

"Overall I enjoyed the course and the smaller class size. I would have liked more time spent on the junction lines. I was not really familiar with those and would have liked more explanation. The hotel on the second day (which was a Saturday) never gave us water or towels and the coffee dripped. We notified someone of these issues at the beginning of class and they had not been addressed by the time we left."

Maggie D - Huntsville, Alabama

"Great content. The hotel lacked signage for where we should go in addition to the above mention concerns. The hotel staff was not informed, and since MMIM did not have out signage, the room was hard to find at first. Improve the non skill components/education, and it would be A+ instead of A- or A. Paul did a great job instructing, however. Thank you for providing the course!!"

Mariana G - Allison Park, Pennsylvania

"I have gained a lot of knowledge from the course overall"

Jamie W - Brownsville, Pennsylvania

"Would be great to have more table space. We improvised well with what we had, but tables would have made things a bit easier. "

Delories E - Oakland, Illinois

"This was one of the best courses I've ever taken! Very applicable and easy to follow. Dave's teaching style and sense of humor were a great fit with our group! "

Joseph J - ocala, Florida

"Awesome course where IASTM and taping is somewhat combined. WIll take taping course next time through MMIM"

Stephanie Y - Clearwater, Florida

"Loved how she used attendees own dysfunctions as examples to make us all believers. Each example was basically a treatment session including transitions to functional movement, which really helped real world application."

Justin P - Bradenton, Florida

"Best CEU course I have had in over 20 years!"