Stephanie N - Amarillo

"AshleyRose was amazing! Loved her! She kept us interested and on task and was very knowledgeable. "

Whitney C - SEMINOLE, Texas

"Thank you for offering such a great hands-on course. I'll admit that I was anxious about the labs as I hadn't done a hands-on course in several years. However, it was an excellent reminder of the benefit of working on/with other clinicians!!! On a different note, this evaluation is frustrating. This is my 3rd go. It forces you to rate every instructor. Also, autosave would be nice, because an accidental click outside the form causes it to clear....hence, 3rd time :)"

Danielle R - amarillo

"AshleyRose was amazing and helpful."

Voy F - loma linda, California

"good class"

Dustin P - Goshen, Kentucky

"Miller was an excellent instructor and was able to take course material and make it clinically relevant. I enjoyed his teaching style."

Theresa K - Stanford, Kentucky

"I would like to have Miller back in this area more frequently, would definitely attend his classes"

Sara G - Ventura, California

"Paul's enthusiasm and experience with the subject matter made this class! Great presenter and instructor! "

Kristy S - Beaver Dam, Kentucky

"I was very pleased with this course and with Miller McVay. I will definitely takes courses through Medical Minds as well as this instructor. I felt encouraged through techniques learned through this course. "

Carmen J - Martin, Tennessee

"Thank you for coming to Memphis and hosting a terrific course :)"

Debbie R - Memphis, Tennessee

"Great course, will recommend it to my co-workers"